Social Media Solutions: A Necessity for Every Business

Crear un framework con dirección programática en marketing digital.

Today, more and more people are using social platforms for communicating with each other, and get relevant information. Every morning before their eyes is even completely opened; they start scrolling their news feeds to see what's going around. And that's why it's important for businesses and brands to be where their potential customers are. Social media solutions can help in engaging your customers, and inform or display them, your brand's qualities and core value. It's very important to share quality content by way of different social media platforms, especially if…

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Ecommerce Threats & Solutions

Recommendations to Create an Effective Social Marketing Campaign

eCommerce has forever revolutionized the way business is done. Retail has now a long way from the days of physical transactions that were time consuming and prone to errors. However, eCommerce has unavoidably invited its share of trouble makers. As much as eCommerce simplifies transactions, it is occasionally plagued by serious concerns that jeopardize its security as a medium of exchanging money and information. Major threats to present day eCommerce include Breach of Security: Money Thefts eCommerce services are about transactions, and transactions are very largely driven by money. This…

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Social Media Marketing Solutions

Marketing digital en el mundo de hoy

Social Media Marketing involves using socially popular websites that are designed to inform, entertain and amuse users. SMM provides a global audience and a global stage. It has been quickly recognized in the business world as a strong marketing platform that has the potential to raise awareness of brands and strongly promote a business. Establish a Sense of Community You have to be able to form a personal connection with users and make them care about your content. Social media is all about being sociable and sharing. Just as you…

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What Are Your Digital Marketing Challenges? Here Are Our Top 5 (and Some Solutions Too!)

5 consejos súper útiles para contratar a la agencia de marketing digital adecuada para su negocio

We’re already at the end February (and the countdown to spring is on!). If you’re like most small business owners, you kicked off January with a new and improved plan for your business, and most likely that included marketing to new prospects and collecting leads. There are several challenges we’re seeing with small business, specifically around marketing: Small business owners don’t have time to market online -there’s a tendency to get lost on social media, in fact some refer to it as noisy. Small business owners don’t understand how to…

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