Twitter Marketing – Which of These 3 Avoidable Deadly Mistakes Are You Making in Social Marketing?

The Secret Digital Marketing Weapon for Your Business

Do you make any of the top 3 deadly Twitter marketing mistakes? Read on to discover these mistakes and what to do instead so you can become a Twitter Rock Star. Twitter is a great way to use Social Media Marketing to build visibility, grow your list and make profits. But you gotta know how to do it right. I see newbies and even experienced marketers alike making the same three deadly yet avoidable mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at these mistakes and what to do instead. If you…

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Free Patented Money Making Systems Mixed With Social Marketing Equals Big Money for All

Crear un framework con dirección programática en marketing digital.

Show me the money! Money making systems and social marketing has only been linked together by a few of the largest companies but they have failed to totally integrate both systems. Usually the money system is advertised on a social media for a one-shot deal. But, what would happen if the media was the generating system for an entire industry? What if you could invent such an animal, patented it and then give it away for free? Where would the money come from in such a relationship? Unfortunately, Prof. Einstein…

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