4 Key Considerations For Every Social Media Marketing Campaign

Tips for Small E-Retailers Competing Against Ecommerce Giants

Throughout my career, I have developed and outlined numerous internal company process, policy and strategy documents. With experience and practice, it became evident that a process will not withstand time and change if it’s not scalable and replicable. The same principles hold true for a Social Media Marketing Strategy; it must be a process that can adapt to growth over time and change. New social media channels are popping up left and right, especially for niche social networking communities and geo-targeted business networks. In order to reach new prospects, you’ll…

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5 Key Benefits Of SEO Video Marketing

5 estrategias simples de hacking de crecimiento de marketing digital para startups

SEO video marketing is one of the more effective ways to reach your target audience. SEO and video content is very beneficial for business. Marketing to make a lasting impression can have a major impact on your business. Video is powerful content and contributes a great deal with SEO. Here are five key benefits of SEO video marketing. 1. Video marketing is great for SEO Videos can boost SEO rankings on both major platforms Google and YouTube. Having a well optimized video that reaches your target audience is more likely…

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