Recommendations to Create an Effective Social Marketing Campaign

Recommendations to Create an Effective Social Marketing Campaign

Advertising on any platform, from billboards to television to banners, print or online formats, is becoming more social. But although there are numerous examples of social marketing campaigns very sophisticated, highly innovative technology-based tools like Facebook Connect, create a social advertising campaign that is available to any advertiser, regardless of the budget.

If you create a smart campaign, it will be possible to integrate the various activities with social media, and thus get much more out of your investment by creating a community to be able to go at any time and make the action last longer. The keys to developing a social marketing campaign really effective include the following:

Use the appropriate platform – When talking about social advertising, Facebook is the first thing that comes to many people at the top but, although it is an excellent platform for social campaigns it is not always the best tool on which to focus all marketing efforts. In addition, many more brands turn to Facebook to promote their products and attract fans.

But there are many platforms that can be used for social advertising. LinkedIn opened to advertisers last year through a self-service platform that can segment the audience based on different characteristics, and is a perfect alternative, especially for B2B companies. On the other hand, emerging social networks and new tools such as Foursquare geo-tagging and other platforms can be very useful for advertisers with lower budgets, while offering high visibility among its users.

What is interesting about these new platforms is that you do not need a great technical display or design to be effective, simply to understand social media marketing and new platforms that users are experiencing.

Combine media. If you want to create a truly effective social marketing campaign, online video can have a major role in it. The online video consumption is growing, so it represents a unique opportunity to bring your ad to life. People want that advertising is not static, that it entertains and offers really interesting content.

But for brands, online video is both an opportunity and a challenge. The relevance of your ads will be in its ability to act as a means of entertainment. You have to have fun, laugh at yourself and call the attention of viewers. But beyond that, we must be able to meet the distribution effort of contents and creating specific campaigns for the video being posted on sites like YouTube.

Campaigns must have a reason to be social. There are few ads today that do not include an “f” “or a “t” that advertisers use as a measuring tool in social media and provide a social aspect to campaign. But the impact of these logos on consumers is minimal, since many do not even include a URL or a call to action.

Instead, the ads more social forces have a reason to include these social elements. Sometimes, the only purpose of these ads is to promote social presence itself, while in others the ad promotes the next step, which must be made through a social platform to get some kind of reward.

Do not think social media is free. It is true that advertising on social media manages to extract from small budgets large results because it is easier to get more users with less competition. The problem is that many brands expect this to work without spending any money.

But if you really want your campaign to produce results and provide social networking, you have to invest money and time. To develop a social marketing campaign, make sure that your ads have the necessary visibility in the advertising plan to achieve the results you seek.