The 3 Mental Strength Essentials For Social Marketing

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Social marketing, it’s the big buzz, has been and will continue to be for years to come. To many people the first that comes to mind when they think of social marketing is a bunch of adolescences sharing music on MySpace(TM).

If you take a look at a recent study conducted by Ignite Social Media there are over currently over 40 social networking sites. Amazing to some, many of these network sites have members holding Bachelors and Masters Degrees and making between $75 and 100k per year. Not your typical adolescent huh?

So all the facts show that social marketing is the way to go, or at least should be added to your marketing and networking strategy and tactics. But now the question is, what to do next?


Great questions oh grasshopper!


Here are three core mental strength essentials that MUST be considered, questioned and answered before you journey into the unknown terrain of social networking.

  1. What/who is your target?
  2. What is the method?
  3. How much time? 
  • What/who is your target? (Age, education and income) – By identifying your specific target audience/market/niche, at least from the demographic of age, education and income you can narrow down the selection of which network to join. It’s going to be tempting to say “everyone”, but selectivity is the key here, this is a good case where less is more.
  • What is the method? (Which network(s) to join?)  After doing your research you’ll then be able decide on the best network to join. My suggestion would be to join the largest in the group. Also, here’s a BIG tip…join just one first…get it just the way you want it, play with it for about a week and then join another one. The worse thing you can do is join a bunch of social networks. You’ll get lost in no time and no one will ever hear from you again. Then there’ll be a new TV show about you “Lost…in the Social Network”
  • How much time? (per day, per week)  Ok, you’ve got your target, you selected your method, now it’s time to put time aside to learn, network and connect. After all, the purpose for you to get involved in social marketing is to build your business right? It may get distracted by shiny objects during your time on the network of your chose, but in the words of a Jedi “Stay on target!”

Once you have gotten the hang of your first network, then and only then, add a second one. You’ll find that social marketing is like spinning plates on sticks; once you get them all spinning it only takes a few “spins” to keep them going.


The 2008 social network report can be found at Ignite Social Media